"Felix's attention to detail, speedy responses and thorough research makes his service far more valuable than he probably realies - especially for the novice watch enthusiast! He eliminates a lot of the confusion involved with the tracking down the perfect peice, as well as the risk that you might buy a dud. He might seem obsessive, but it really just means he knows his stuff."

- Veronica F

"When I was hit by an overwhelming, nostalgic desire for a Felix the Cat watch, I turned to the Watch Finder Extraordinaire, Felix of the Tailored Watch.Within hours of my request Felix’s amazing watch-finding skills turned up not one, but two options. Choice was involved and my dithering entertained with patience.  Felix took care of all the dull bits – the protracted negotiations, the haggling, and even the fiddly battery replacement. And voila, I now have a jolly Felix watch, just like the one I wanted when I was a girl.

You want a watch, high class or low, Felix is the man for the job."

-Morgan M


"When I was looking for a gift for an esteemed colleague who was leaving our organisation after many excellent years, a watch seemed most appropriate, not only because a timepiece has gravitas, but also because this colleague was renowned for operating on his own time. However, I know nothing about watches, and so turned to Felix for help. Not only did Felix ask me questions about my colleague I wouldn't have considered, he then had an encyclopedic variety of watches to fit the descriptors - classic, modern, active, leather, metal, colour preferences, etc. When the gift was presented, my colleague quite obviously glowed with pleasure at a watch well chosen, and I've not seen him without it since."

-Tammi J


"Watches say a lot about a person, and it's a language Felix speaks fluently. But in addition, he has the uncommon ability to focus his encyclopaedic knowledge through the lens of your personal tastes. He's the first person I turn to for anything watch related. Your wrists are in safe hands."

-Daniel S

"I knew exactly how I wanted my new watch to look but, knowing nothing about watches, I didn't have the language necessary to track it down. Felix had the patience and the know-how that I lacked and managed to find one that I loved at modest expense. Now I can't be parted from it!"

-Maria B


"Felix got me my watch for a mere fraction of what the hipsters are paying at General Pants and had me keeping up with the cool kids in no time flat."

-Amy T






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