Learning about watches: The Tailored Watch at Laneway Learning in Melbourne
Tuesday, 19 June 2012 04:59

Usually my horological trade is a quite and lonely one. Late nights, the soft glow of a laptop, emails and eBay are the name of the game.


But recently an opportunity came up to extend myself, and try something new in my home town of Melbourne. For those of you who haven't seen the advertising campaign, Melbourne is famous for it's 'Laneway Culture' - graffiti, cafes, hipsters and whatnot.


The clever people behind Laneway Learning have taken this love of lanes to a whole other level; running short, once off classes on anything you could think of out of a cafe in the CBD.


I heard about this and thought that it'd be a great opportunity to get out from behind the laptop and interact with some real people (might have to shave though). Plus it makes sense for me on another level; a lot of what I do with clients is education. Education around what mechanical watches are, why they're important, and what makes them cost what they do.


So I'm running a class: 'Watches: Tiny Wrist Machines' on Tuesday July 17. It'll be an introductory class on the wonders of mechanical watches, and hopefully people who attend will get some useful tips around finding and buying watches. So, if you're in Melbourne - come along, and feel free to get in touch with me if you've got any questions.

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